Field Workshop: The Moon

In this workshop you will learn how to use your gear to capture compelling lunar images, either as being part of a nocturnal landscape or as the main subject.

You will also learn how use perspective and focal length to improve composition and the interplay between the Moon and the foreground.

You will have the opportunity to work with a budget telescope and astrocamera (or use your own smartphone) to observe and photograph the lunar surface in detail.

A second telescope and a 8x40 binocular will be available for observing the Moon and star gazing, to keep you busy while waiting to work with the main telescope.

Ideally you should come with your camera, a tripod and a long telephoto lens (at least 2-300mm). If you have your smartphone, make sure you have some space so to use it to photograph the lunar surface with my telescope.

You will also receive a short guide about lunar photography and image editing when you will confirm your presence and payed for the workshop.

If you have attended the Introduction To Astrophotography course, you are entitled of a 10% discount (if you have not used it already).

At the registration, you will have a check list with all you need to have with you for the evening. For safety reason, I will ask you a copy of your ID card.

With the One-On-One field workshop you will be alone with me and everything will be much more flexible, from testing out equipment to discuss about image editing etc.

Hot beverages and snacks will be offer.

To book a place to this course or to ask for more info, please use the form below.

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Practical Info

Learn how to photograph the Moon with this field workshop.

What you will learn in this course.

  • How To Use Your Equipment

  • Settings

  • How to Focus On The Moon

  • Budget Astrophotography Equipment

  • How To Use Your Smartphone as Astrocamera

  • How to Plan Your Photographic Session

  • How To Edit Your Images

Number of places: max 3

Level: amateurs and beginners.

Duration: < 2 hrs

Inscription fee (group): 50e/person.

One-On-One: 100e

Language: french / italian / english

Where: Brussels, but I can move on demand (max 40km from Brussels without extra fees)

When: Available all year round.