Introduction to Flash Photography

Flash photography does not have to be difficult or expensive. In this workshop you will learn the basics of flash photography and to put them into practice with standard flash units. We will, in fact,  concentrate on  the setting up and use of a budget, portable, studio equipment every amateur can easily afford, rather than learn how to use professional studio lighting equipment costing several thousands of euros.

Amazing photography can be done on a budget and teaching you how is the goal of this workshop. 

After learning a bit of the theory, you will have the opportunity to put everything into practice by shooting portraits of the other participants: ideally, every participant should, in turn, be a photographer and a model. This is because I have learnt first hand that one key aspect in portraiture is to be able to direct your model, and this gets easier when the photographer himself/herself will step in front the camera to be directed by others.

While we will focusing on portraiture, the concepts and the techniques you will learn also apply to other photographic genres, such as pet photographyfood photography, product photography and still life.

The workshop is intended for amateurs who are familiar with the basic concepts of photography, such aperture, shutter speed, ISO, exposure, etc. but want to know more about how to use flash units.

We will use my equipment for the most part, but it would be nice if you could come with your own camera and flash (if you have it). Ideally, you should be able to fire the flash off camera: some cameras allow to remotely control a flash, so I recommend you to check the user manual of your camera and flash.

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Practical Info

A practical workshop aimed to amateurs and beginners eager to know more about the use of flash.

What you will learn in this workshop

  • Flash settings

  • On camera and off camera use of flash

  • One light setup

  • Shape the light by using light modifiers

  • Studio accessories

  • Introducing multiple lights

  • Props and accessories for your model

Number of places: max 5 persons.

Level: amateurs and beginners.

Duration: 4 hrs

Inscription fee: 50e/person.

Language: french / italian / english

Where: Brussels

When: Available all year round.