Introduction to Astrophotography

Whether you are interested in nocturnal landscapes and star trails or just curious about photographing the Moon, the Planets and the distant nebulae and galaxies, this course is for you.

In this class you will learn the basics of astrophotography and how to use your gear to photograph the many wonders in the night sky.

And if you are already familiar with the night sky and want more from your photography, you will get the chance to discover how to improve your photography with the use of few accessories, without breaking the bank.

The class is divided in two parts: in part I we will talk about the major challenges in astrophotography and the best way to overcome them. You will learn about how to cope with light pollution, what gear is best to use and what settings are appropriate for the different kinds of astrophotography.

In part II, you will become familiar with dedicated (freeware) astrophotography software and editing workflows. You will have the chance to practice those technique on a set of images that I will provide you.

Ideally, you should come with your laptop and with the software installed already: after your registration, I will send you a short how-to will be delivered to you to guide through the installation of those software. In case of difficulties, we will prepare your laptop during the coffee break.

After the course, you will receive copy of the slides and a guide to allows you to put in practice what you learnt in class.

Finally, to thank you for your interest, you will be gifted with a 10% discount on the price of one field workshop of your choice: Starry Landscapes, Moon photography, The Solar System or Deep Sky Astrophotography.

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Practical Info

Astro photography made simple: an introduction aimed at amateurs and beginners eager to know more about photographing the night sky.

What you will learn in this course.

  • Navigate The Night Sky

  • Fight Light Pollution

  • How To Use Your Camera And Lenses

  • Budget Astrophotography Equipment

  • The Basics Of Astrophotography

  • How To Focus On The Moon And The Stars

  • How To Edit Your Images

Number of places: min 5

Level: amateurs and beginners.

Duration: 4 hrs

Inscription fee: 50e/person.

Photo Clubs: price to be discussed

Language: french / italian / english

Where: Brussels, but I can move on demand (e.g., photo clubs etc.)

When: Available all year round.