Cosmic Conjunctions: The Moon and Aldebaran

January 17th, 2019, the Moon met with Aldebaran.


This is a realistic composite I took of the Moon meeting with Aldebaran, a red giant in the Taurus constellation.

First of all, on my Olympus EPL-6 camera, I was able to have both the Moon and Aldebaran in together in the frame, but had to double expose: one photo for the Moon and one for Aldebaran.

Once merged the two exposures, I realised that next to Aldebaran, I was able to capture also three other stars from Leo constellation: Sigma1 Tau, Sigma2 Tau and 89 Tau.

Unfortunately, I also realised that, because I was shooting through gaps in the clouds, my properly exposed Moon was very soft. Luckily, I could salvage a Moon I did earlier during test shots with a 200mm lens and 2x teleconverter.

This is the realistic composite bit: I took the Moon from one of those test shots, resized to match the Moon at 300mm and replace it with the new, more detailed Moon.

The image below shows the field of view captured, using the iOS app Sky Guide.