Chocolate Acrobatics

Flash news: I missed from this site for a couple of months as I was hit by a car and I was recovering from a number of injuries. Now I am better and I can start again with photography by taking some photographs at home. Also, to cheer me up during my recovery, I upgraded some of my gear and I am now the proud and happy owner of the Olympus OM-D EM-5 Mark II camera, coupled with the Olympus Zuiko M. 12-40 f/2.8 PRO lens and power grip.

Since, I am shooting at home, but not feeling yet ready to take some selfies, I decided to improve a bit my food photography skill and I decide to take some chocolates and play around with them. In particular, I had the idea to create something more "stylish" than the usual nice display. 

Roll of drums, enters The Sweet Equilibrium

Sweet Equilibrium

If this photo was straight out of the camera, I would be a magician, but, as it is the case for almost all food photography, there is a behind the scene. Properly display food (as arrangement on the set as well as appearance) it is so hard and require so many skills that there are professionals just for that: they are called food stylists.

I am no stylist so my setup was not probably that elegant and it involved chopsticks, straws, a toilet paper roll tube a flashlight and some sticky material to stick the back of the chocolate cookies to the chopsticks.

The lighting was provided by coupling a Maglite 4-cell flashlight with a snoot made filling the paper tube from roll of toilet paper with long, black, cocktail straws.

To have the reflection the set was built on a tinted glass on the top of a chest drawer in my bedroom.

So, while not elegant the set up was functional and it is shown in the photo below.

The setup.

The setup.

Finally, there was the usual tune up of the image, shot for low key, with the extra bit of delete the chopsticks from the image.

It always surprise me how much you can achieve in photography with a bit of imagination in the way you can use simple object to create or lit the scene: below some other scenes with more simpler setups that that required to create "Sweet Equilibrium".

Some other scenes I've created in my house.