The most complex selfie I have taken so far

Today I had an idea for a selfie. It is quite some time, now, that I am doing self portraiture as my photography has moved toward portraiture.

Today I created the most complex setup and spent about one hours to get it right. Below you can see a cell photo of my "studio".

My improvised studio in my living room.

My improvised studio in my living room.

Now, the idea was to get a photo of me, as seen on the focusing screen of my fully working Yashica Mat TLR camera. If you have never look down into a TLR camera, you have missed quite something.

One problem was to rise the Yashica to the right heigh for me, and that was brilliantly solved by popping under the camera some books, dvds and a USB external hard drive that were scattered around in the house. Next, I had to rise the chair with my son's best friend on, so to be in the frame of the Yashica. A Samsonite hard luggage was what I needed.

The other challenge was to place my Olympus OM-D EM-10 camera so to focus on the focusing screen of the Yashica and to fill the frame with it: the manfrotto 055XPROB was, once again, a life saver to set in position the Olympus.

The lens, was a old Zuiko OM 50 f/1.4 from the 70's, fitted with a vintage +2 close up lens to be able to focus the scene from such short distance.

As for the light setup, I used as key light my Yongnuo YN560 III speed light at full power, and an ombrella to bounce the light back into the scene. I also used as accent light a Metz 48 AF-1 flash, set a 1/16 of its power, placed so to fill the shadows on the stuffed bear's face.

Finally, I used my Impact collapsible backdrop as background, trying to fill the Yashica's frame with it.

The Yashica was set to f/3.5 and focused on the chair, while the Olympus was focused on the Yashica's focusing screen and set to 1/160, f/2 and ISO 200.

I composed and remotely shot with my phone connected wirelessly to the Olympus camera, so to be able to check the composition via the live view on my phone screen.

It took about one hour to setup things properly, but was able to take some great and quite unique selfies.